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Houston police found to not follow child custody law

For many Texas parents who must share custody of their children with another parent, the process can work as planned. Each party exchanges the child as per the agreement and in the best interests of the child. However, there are some situations in which this is not the case. One parent may prevent the other from access to the children or may take children when not allowed. Child custody issues such as these are governed under Texas law.

Tax-deductible divorce costs are few

The cost of a divorce is known to prevent some people from actually going through with the process. While not every divorce is cost prohibitive, some can become quite expensive. Divorce legal issues can find Houston spouses at odds and struggling to find common ground, extending the amount of time—and money—involved in coming to a mutually agreeable settlement. No matter the cost of a divorce, there is typically some financial impact.

Strengthening economy linked to growing number of divorces

During the recession, there seemed to be no end to the number of sad stories detailing the financial troubles of individuals and businesses in Houston and around the nation. While challenges still exist, the continued improvement of our country’s economy is bringing some good news now and then, giving back some hope that seemed to have been lost for a time. While this may be good for people’s bank accounts, it may not necessarily be good for every part of their lives. Experiences such as illness, accidents, divorce and more can still be found.

Senator wants Ireland to open adoption records

For Houston residents wishing to adopt a child or to place a child up for adoption, the number of choices and challenges can seem overwhelming at times. Individual circumstances can vary greatly, making no two adoption cases alike. A stepparent adoption is naturally very different from an international adoption, for example. Additionally, whether or not you are a prospective adoptive parent or a birth parent will have a tremendous impact on your areas of concern in the process.

U.S. seeks to help families with international adoptions

For Houston families that are unable to have children themselves or who are looking to add to their own natural families, adopting a child in need of a family offers many blessings to both the adopted child and the adoptive parents and family. That is the case whether an infant or an older child is adopted or whether the adoption is conducted within the United States or involves a child from another country.

TitleBasic financial education urged for divorcing spouses

A divorce affects virtually every part of a person’s life. Houston residents who have been through or who may currently be going through a divorce know the breadth of reach of the experience. From property division to child support to visitation plans and more, the number of topics that must be addressed and agreed upon seems endless. The financial impact of a divorce can also be painful to many people and the losses can end up lasting a long time if proper care is not taken.

Tips for creating a prenuptial agreement

With the rise in popularity of prenuptial agreements, Houston couples are realizing the benefits of such a marital contract, understanding that it is no longer something utilized or required by only the very wealthy. There are many situations today in which a prenuptial agreement can be very beneficial to even the everyday husband and wife. With this in mind, however, it is important to note that initiating a discussion about such a document can still be difficult.

New thoughts about divorce trends in the U.S.

The prevalence of divorce in America can at times seem overwhelming. Most people in Houston either personally know someone who has been through a divorce or have been directly affected themselves in some way. With divorce legal issues ranging from property division to child custody, the angst that can often accompany the end of a marriage has led many researchers to seek out reasons for divorce and understand the phenomenon more fully.

Proposed changes to child support law draws support, criticism

The seemingly never-ending list of things about which to be concerned when in the midst of a divorce can be overwhelming at times. Trying to balance what is fair along with what is palatable is a challenge common to many Houston couples. This includes child custody determinations and any related child custody issues such as child support or visitation plans for parenting time.

Pets likely considered property in a divorce

The range of issues that Houston couples must contend with in the face of a divorce is wide and numerous. A typical divorce process involves, at a minimum, some property division which in and of itself has multiple sub-components. Add in other divorce legal issues such as child custody, parental relocation decisions, spousal support and more and the complexity of a divorce can skyrocket.

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