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Month: July 2014

For some, the prospect of dating someone else may seem far-fetched after dealing with a tough divorce. For others, dating can’t come fast enough. Whatever your situation is, it may not be easy to do so when you have children. There may be a number of reasons...

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As prenuptial agreements become more common among couples seeking to get married, so too are the types of clauses that are included in them. It is becoming commonplace to see in-law provisions that limit the amount of time that in-laws may come to visit. Also,...

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During the summer, the saying “it takes a village to raise a child” takes on added significance. Most school age children are on summer break, which means that they are participating in day camps or are travelling to see relatives that they do not get to...

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In our last post, we highlighted the dangers a parent may face if they withhold parenting time due to a dispute with the other parent. Essentially, a parent who takes this course of action runs the risk of getting on a family court judge’s bad side, and they...

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