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Long-distance parenting: Review the terms of summer visits

With the summer months right around the corner, now is the time to think about child care if you already haven't. For parents who don't have their kids during the school year, this might be a challenging time. In the case of long-distance parenting, you might have to plan for what you will do when you need to work, and the kids are with you.

Divorce can devastate adopted children

Many people bring a child into their home through divorce. This is a lifelong commitment to help raise that child and help them become productive adults. You should remember that this continues even if you and your spouse decide that you are going to divorce. Unfortunately, going through their adoptive parents' divorce can be a very traumatic experience for the children, especially when they are older when they were adopted.

Factors that can render your prenuptial agreement invalid

If you are going to have a prenuptial agreement drawn up before you get married, you need to learn about some of the things that might invalidate it. An invalidated prenuptial agreement means that you don't have the protections that you thought you would.

Working as a parenting team sets a good standard for the kids

Parents who are able to work as a team will likely see that their children are adjusting well to the divorce. The co-parenting method is one that works well in these circumstances because the divorced parents remain a team when it comes to the children. This often helps the children feel more secure and provides better consistency for them.

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