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Adopted girl returned to biological father after court ruling

In what is being called the first of its kind, the Utah Supreme Court has invalidated an adoption and has returned a child to its biological father. The ruling is the culmination of a 22 month legal battle that ensued after a mother put the child up for adoption without informing the father.

Will Bethenny's prenup hold up in court?

In our previous posts we have talked about how prenuptial agreements could be challenged (and ultimately overturned) if they were challenged in court. Essentially, a court could set aside a prenuptial agreement if it is shown that one of the parties signed the agreement under duress, or clearly did not have time to contemplate the agreement. (For those who read our post on prenup etiquette, you will recall that these were two important mishaps to avoid).

How to make a divorce less painful

In our prior posts we reported on the acrimonious back and forth between Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry, as he was involved in a Thanksgiving brawl that left him battered and bruised. In the weeks following the incident, both parties were embroiled in a nasty (and public) dispute over who caused the incident and how the future custody order should be written

Kobe and Vanessa are staying together

In our prior posts, we discussed the potential financial implications of having a prenuptial agreement. With news breaking that Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa have reconciled, we can't help but to believe that love is sometimes more valuable than money.

Prenup etiquette - The basics

In our last post we discussed the potential for the prenuptial agreement signed by former Atlanta Braves outfielder Andruw Jones and his wife to be invalidated. Essentially, prenuptial agreements can be challenged (and defeated) through a showing that one party did not fully disclose their assets or if one party was coerced into signing the agreement.

What is sufficient to invalidate a prenuptial agreement?

Baseball fans in Houston are likely aware of former major leaguer Andruw Jones' solid reputation behind the plate. Since leaving the American baseball scene, Jones has gained attention for a serious family law issue involving his wife of 10 years.

Texas couple's adoption process halted by new Russian law

The process of adopting a child in Texas often requires the help of compassionate legal professionals with experience in Texas adoption law. Foster parents, stepparents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and even older siblings sometimes pursue adoption to protect the best interests of a child. In-family adoption is relatively common in Texas, but many people seek to adopt children outside of their families as well.

Lakers' Jeanie Buss and Phil Jackson to wed

The Los Angeles Lakers' relationship with Phil Jackson has been one of the most complicated in professional sports. After a moribund start to the season which led to former coach Mike Brown being dumped five games into the season, the Lakers flirted with bringing back the coach with the most championships in NBA history (five with the Lakers) only to settle on Mike D'Antoni.

Frankel, Hoppy split has makings of collaborative divorce

In our prior post on collaborative divorce, we discussed the benefits of couples working together to reduce the emotional toil that comes with traditional divorces. We also wanted to add that collaborative divorces could yield some substantial benefits to children, who often do not react well to sudden changes to their families. Kids also have an uncanny (yet unfortunate) knack for blaming themselves for their parents' divorces, which is another reason that collaborative divorces are gaining traction as more couples divorce.

'Kimye' announces pregnancy

The first major celebrity headline of 2013 is here. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are pregnant. The (unofficial) announcement came during West's concert Sunday evening in Atlantic City when he said "stop the music and make some noise to my baby mama!" referring to Kardashian, who was in attendance.

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