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Adoption changes and concerns in a virtual world

Houston residents who seek adoption as a means to fulfilling their dreams of parenthood have many adoption issues with which to contend. Choices abound and include whether or not to adopt a child in the United States or from another country and whether to seek adoption of an infant or to consider an older child or perhaps even siblings. The amount of contact to allow or facilitate with a biological parent, if any, is also one of the factors that must be taken into consideration.

Simple ways to make divorce less difficult

Ask any Houston couple that has experienced divorce about the process and you are likely to hear that it is an incredibly difficult and painful one. The challenges inherent in dividing time with one’s children, splitting financial assets and physical possessions, possibly changing where one lives and more can naturally take a toll on anyone. While there may be no way to ever make a divorce easy, there are things that individual spouses can do to potentially make it less difficult that it could be.

Postnuptial agreement may be helpful for stay-at-home parents

Family law in Texas is not just about marital status but about finding ways to protect assets and navigate challenging situations in the best ways possible. These situations can include anything from property division to child custody and more. For some people, a prenuptial agreement can be a helpful tool. While in the past, such documents were considered to be only needed for the wealthy. However, today they are growing in popularity among other groups as well.

Four key questions to consider about a home during a divorce

While there are only nine states that follow community property laws during a divorce--and Texas is one of them--there are still many potential complications when determining ultimate settlements. Whether a simple or complex divorce, couples must carefully identify assets and liabilities to appropriately divide marital property. This can also include the need to delineate marital versus separate property. The marital home is often one of the central assets at heart during a divorce.

The current and future tax implications of a divorce

Texas is one of nine states in the country that is designated as a community property state for divorce purposes. This means that when a Houston couple goes through a divorce, all joint assets and liabilities are expected to be divided equally. The need to be cautious about the full financial scope of any divorce, including a high-asset divorce, is important.

State helps counties find parents who owe back child support

The many facets of a divorce are never easy at the time of the divorce let alone down the road. In cases that require one party to pay the other spousal support, child support or both, the financial ties that can span multiple years can be challenging to navigate. For some people, payments are simply made on time as ordered and the process can work with no glitches. For other Texas residents, however, the ability to collect their due child support payments can be difficult if the spouse ordered to pay does not do so.

Harris County organizations receive funds to support adoption

November is national adoption month and any Houston family who has been touched by adoption understands the importance and richness of this experience. In our society today, adoption can take many forms including stepparent adoption, domestic adoption, international adoption and more. There can be many adoption issues involved in any type of case with the circumstances being unique in each.

Clear business ownership important in face of divorce

People in Houston who have been through a divorce know how difficult the process can be. From the emotions that run high and cause inner turmoil to the opposing views on how to best arrange settlements, the range of things that can complicate the average divorce seems virtually endless. The cost of many divorces is also a challenge for many couples, whether the property division is simple or involving a high asset divorce.

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