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The benefits of collaborative divorce

With the spirit of the holidays being about peace on earth and good will towards man, it seems fitting for us to discuss the benefits of collaborative divorce. Far too often divorcing parties become engrossed in defeating their soon-to-be ex and steadfastly defending their positions. This commonly extends to each party's desire to receive the majority of the marital assets, custody of children, along with financial support.

Sesame Street creates divorce kit for parents, kids

Sesame Street is known for tackling important issues that affect children, but for years the TV program has steered clear of the topic of divorce. In 1992, the non-profit network developed an episode during which Snuffleupagus talked about his parents getting divorced, but it ended up leaving the pre-school-aged test audience in tears.

Children of divorce need support during the holidays

Some divorced parents may not understand why their children become despondent and fussy during the holidays; especially since it's supposed to be the "most wonderful time of the year." After all, kids normally anticipate the gifts that they will receive, the decorations that adorn malls and parks make for festive scenes, and holiday concerts (and plays) keep children in good spirits.

New paternity testing procedure could provide needed answers

Paternity questions are classic examples of oxymorons at work. They are very simple, yet complex questions that carry a host of emotional, legal and financial implications. They can make people act irrationally and bring out their best at the same time. Most of all, the wait times for results from such quick tests are often too long, which only adds to the strife between potential parents and their families.

Rodman's back child support provides bankruptcy lesson

Child support obligations can create enormous stress in one's life and lead to questionable financial decisions. It is certainly understandable that "life happens" financial situations change, and there may be a need to amend support obligations. While these are real concerns, many obligors (parents who pay support) have genuine problems meeting their obligations.

Cooler heads prevail in Berry / Aubry custody dispute

Last week we reported on the brawl at Halle Berry's home between Gabriel Aubry and Olivier Martinez and how it left both men bloodied, bruised and angling for restraining orders against each other. Aubry was arrested on suspicion of criminal battery, which potentially threatened not only his continued parenting time and custody arrangement, but also threatened his immigration status (he is in the U.S. on a work visa).

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