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Religious disputes and child custody. What can a parent do?

Money and property can make divorces messy, but disputes over custody and parenting time can make them unbearable. This is especially true when divorcing parents in Texas have different views (and practices) on religion. When a parent wants to move on and start a new life with their children in tow, chances are they begin to practice a new religion. This move can certainly irritate an ex-spouse, and lead to post-decree motions over where the children can attend church and what religion they can practice.

Disputes where courts will intervene

In our last post, we discussed situations where frustrated parents may seek to have court intervention to resolve issues with a difficult parent. While they may seem like problems that a Texas family court judge should resolve, the reality is that many problems surrounding differing rules between parents' homes, a parent's choices in entertainment, or new love interests in their lives will not merit a hearing.

Disputes that family courts try to stay out of

We have come to know many divorced parents who feel as if they are trapped in co-parenting relationship with a difficult person. The other parent may be stubborn, demanding, irresponsible and spiteful. It may feel like life would be so much easier without him (or her) as a parent.

The ups and downs of February 14th

After the Christmas decorations go away, retailers set their sights on Valentine's Day. For the average American, cupid's special day has been in advertisements and store displays for weeks now. While this day may be special to approach secret crushes, make marriage proposals, or cook that special meal for that significant person, many Americans look at Valentine's Day with dread.

Stupid questions divorcees hate to hear

It can be surprising how much (or how little) people have to say after you announce that you're getting divorced. Indeed, some friends and family will genuinely care about how you feel, and will want to support you in any way they can, while others simply want the juicy gossip so that they will have a story to tell.

Judge orders man behind on child support to stop having kids

A probate judge made national news recently when he ordered a man who owes nearly $100,000 in unpaid child support to stop having children. The order was newsworthy nationwide because many people were shocked by the directive, which is punishable by increased sanctions and possible jail time if it is violated.

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