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Chris Rock involved in protracted divorce

Upon entering a marriage, couples typically believe they are going to spend the remainder of their lives together. But as time passes, they may find that their feelings have changed and that a parting of the ways, although difficult, is their healthiest option. But while it is fairly easy to file for a divorce, the process of reaching a settlement may prove complicated and even drawn out.

Maintaining custody obligations during holidays helps everyone

As the holidays approach, many Houstonians are likely making big plans. For parents, this is a special time to be with their children. However, for parents who do not live under the same roof, the holidays can provide extra challenges. When children split time between parents who are divorced or otherwise not together, it is very important that all parties are on the same page when it comes to holiday arrangements.

What sort of financial planning can a couple do before marriage?

Often when couples are on the precipice marriage, they are not focused on what life will be like once they have been together over a period of years. This is only natural as people tend to get married while experiencing very strong feelings for their betrothed. But marriage is more than an expression of love; it is also a long-term commitment and a legally binding union.

Heart Gallery project helps connect children to adoptive parents

Many couples and individuals across Texas may be interested in adopting a child. Adoption can provide benefits for both children and adoptive parents. After all, being a parent can be an extremely rewarding experience and being adopted can give a child the opportunity to feel loved and be part of a family.

Country star talks about his divorce and prenuptial agreement

On the whole, divorce is usually the healthiest choice that can be made by a married couple that no longer wants to stay together. In fact, the longer a couple remains together while in conflict, the more complicated the divorce proceedings can become. For one thing, resentments can increase to the point that coming to an amicable settlement may be simply impossible.

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