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Country star talks about his divorce and prenuptial agreement

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2015 | Uncategorized

On the whole, divorce is usually the healthiest choice that can be made by a married couple that no longer wants to stay together. In fact, the longer a couple remains together while in conflict, the more complicated the divorce proceedings can become. For one thing, resentments can increase to the point that coming to an amicable settlement may be simply impossible.

However, a couple who has the foresight to recognize the value of drawing up and signing a prenuptial agreement may be able to have their divorce finalized in a much more timely fashion. For example, country music stars Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert announced back in July that they were planning on getting a divorce. The couple had been together for four years.

Recently, Mr. Shelton discussed the speed with which the divorce was finalized. He remarked that he and Mrs. Shelton had a prenuptial agreement. He added that after filing for divorce, there was a brief waiting period, after which the marriage was dissolved.

Reportedly, the two singers do not hold any serious grudges against one another. Both are currently scheduled to appear at this year’s Country Music Awards.

Granted, this case was handled in Oklahoma, but prenuptial agreements can help couples who are going through divorces in Texas as well. If you are planning on getting married, you may wish to consider the advantages that prenups can offer in regards to establishing terms for property division and other important concerns.

A Texas family law attorney could help you craft a prenuptial agreement that helps you be prepared for whatever course your marriage may take. Hopefully, you and your partner will have a long and happy life together. However, if things don’t work out, a prenup may help the divorce process go more smoothly.

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