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Should parents date during child custody proceedings?

The question of whether to date, or not to date during Texas child custody proceedings vexes many parents. On the one hand, it is natural to follow emotional (and physical) attraction for someone who is funny, nurturing and supportive during a difficult time. On the other hand, jumping from relationship to relationship (especially when exposing children to them) can be harmful.

Man exonerated of crimes locked in legal battle with ex wife

Steven Phillips is like many people who were found to be wrongfully imprisoned. In 1982 (and 1983) he was convicted of a number of sex crimes even though he vehemently claimed his innocence. His wife, Traci, also supported his denials. While Phillips was in prison, she maintained a close relationship with him. She made constant visits, raised their son and sent him money for things that he would need. All the while, searching for a way to get him released

Birth speculation ends as Kim Kardashian has baby

The long awaited speculation over which famous baby would come into the world first was lifted over the weekend. Kim Kardashian gave birth to a baby girl on Saturday. Pop culture circles in Houston, London, Los Angeles and Las  Vegas (of course) were debating whether who would give birth first: Princess Kate or Kim Kardashian.

How to avoid parenting disputes with an ex's new love interest

The term "baby mama drama" has become a famous pop culture reference that less than a generation ago, was only used in urban settings. But as blended families became more prevalent in Houston and across the United States, the friction between biological mothers and new girlfriends (and wives) has become a national issue.

Single dads to get a boost from new women's parenting group

It probably was not planned to coincide with Father's Day, but a new women's advocacy group will hold its official launch this week. Leading Women for Shared Parenting was founded in Massachusetts in May, but it is expected to include parenting advocacy groups from across the United States and Canada. Its main focus will be on the push to make equality in parenting a reality.

Alamo Director caught in sexting scandal

Fair or unfair, we tend to expect our political leaders and those holding high-profile positions to conduct themselves with a sense of class and professionalism that others aspire to have. If they are married, we expect them to work through problems (that we may not want to work through) and avoid compromising situations that can be fodder for tabloid magazines.

How to prepare financially for divorce

The prospect of divorce can be so emotionally taxing, many people do not consider the necessary financial aspects of divorce. After all, most Houston divorcees get bogged down with figuring out what went wrong, or they are consumed with what life could be like after the split is complete.

Tips for making blended families work

Families are different these days in that many couples are living together with children from previous relationships. This different family dynamic can cause quite a bit of strain because parents (and step-parents) may be unsure about how much involvement they should have in disciplining children. They may also be insecure about treating children differently.

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