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More children available for adoption yet fewer children adopted

The decision to adopt a child can grow from a variety of situations. For some Houston residents, infertility and challenges with medical options can be disheartening. For single parents or same-sex couples, a desire to have and raise a family can lead to the exploration of such options. Whatever the reason, there are many challenges that can be faced when considering the adoption of a child, whether foreign or domestic.

Division of intangible divorce assets requires care

Any divorce, whether a contested or uncontested divorce, has its complications and challenges. From high emotions to the tangible concerns of real property, the end of a marriage affects every aspect of a person’s life. For some people, focusing on decisions related to the immediate needs such as child custody and spousal support can be all-consuming and the desire to put off decisions related to factors like retirement account division can be strong. However, that is not truly in anyone’s best interest.

Ongoing parenting conflicts may benefit from mediation

Residents of Houston and beyond that have faced divorce proceedings know how emotionally wrought the process can be. Divorce legal issues that a couple can face are extensive and include anything from spousal support to parental relocation to property division and more. When minor children are involved, the reality of ongoing challenging and joint decision making can pose further and long-term problems.

Ex-husband's payor subject of child support claims

The world of family law poses many challenging and emotional situations and decisions for all involved. From property division to child custody to spousal support, child support and more family law attorneys in Houston work with clients every day to help resolve conflicting needs and wants and identify amicable solutions.

Husband claims wife fakes attack over prenuptial agreement

For those in Houston who are considering entering a marriage, or have concerns related to marital property, there are some legal options that can help. A prenuptial agreement can be one of these options because it determines what will occur if the couple should later separate and divorce. The agreement also seeks to protect the assets of a spouse if they are significantly wealthier than the other person.

Child must be returned to Texas father after judge's ruling

When it comes to international custody disputes, legal complications are not uncommon. As if it is not difficult enough to determine custody when both parents reside in Houston, there are a number of complications that can arise with child custody issues when one parent lives in another country.

The benefits of collaborative divorce

For those who are considering an end to their marriage, figuring out the legal minutaiae can lead people to avoid the process altogether. After all, the emotional toil that comes with a divorce may lead some to waive important rights simply to get the the process over with. Who wants to continually fight someone (or bear the brunt of someone's anger) simply to leave a relationship. 

Do deployments increase likelihood of military divorce?

In recent years, several studies have reportedly found that military deployments, regardless of length or location, had very little effect on the risk of divorce in military couples. Now, a new study, which is claiming to be larger and more detailed than the earlier research, is reporting that the opposite is actually true.

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