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When can a prenuptial agreement be invalidated?

More and more people in Houston and around the United States are taking advantage of premarital or postmarital contracts these days when entering a marriage. For many, a prenuptial agreement offers more than a way to protect assets during a potential divorce. It can be an extremely useful estate planning tool, especially for people with children from prior marriages, for example. These contracts can also help to protect businesses as well as individuals.

Alimony should remain separate from other transactions

When getting married, a divorce is rarely on a person’s mind. Positive thoughts about a future life together take center stage. However, when the reality of life changes and a divorce does result, many serious issues can arise. Houston residents can find themselves struggling with decisions about parental relocation and visitation plans for minor children, property division and the payment of spousal support.

Shifts in society may make prenuptial agreements useful

More and more residents in Houston and around the country are taking advantage of the protection that marital contracts can provide. Societal shifts have provided new ways that the use of a prenuptial agreement or postnuptial agreement can be beneficial to partners and family members alike. Once thought only needed by those who are extremely wealthy and only for divorce proceedings, these contracts can offer help to virtually any couple today.

Challenges inherent in adopting children between states

People in Houston may be involved in adoptions for different reasons. For some, adopting a child is the only way to realize the dream of parenthood. For others, legally adopting a relative can protect a child who may have no other means of achieving a home. Still others participate in a planned adoption when unable to raise or care for a child of their own. No matter the reason, there are many choices for both biological and adoptive parents to make through the process.

Pet custody concerns in a divorce

Houston couples that experience divorce must make many difficult decisions. Wrangling with the emotions common at the end of a marriage can make standard family law issues such as spousal support, child support, property division and more even more challenging. From a high asset divorce to a more simple divorce process, the need for some help is often real.

New adoption laws signed into effect

No matter what the reason or situation for an adoption in Houston, there can be many concerns for both an adoptive parent and a biological parent. Emotional and legal adoption issues can be complicated and even overwhelming at times. People who are considering involvement in any adoption may want to learn about their local laws to understand the processes as the laws can vary from state to state. It can be interesting to watch changing laws in other states as sometimes that can have a rippling effect.

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