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What to do after your divorce

In January, we noted how many distressed spouses decided to begin the new year by beginning a new life...without their spouse. January marks the month where more divorces are initiated than any other month during the year. As such, April is ostensibly the month where many January divorces are finalized in Texas. So just as spring brings new life to flowers and trees, new lives are budding with signed divorce decrees.

The underground child support wars

It's no secret that child support is one of the most heated topics single parents must deal with. It carries with it so much emotional weight that parents often forget that it is actually supposed to be "child" support (i.e. payments to help in the costs of raising a child), instead of just another form of spousal maintenance.

Preparing for post-divorce life

While we pride ourselves on providing useful information about how to prepare for divorce, it is also important to prepare for life after the decree is finalized. Indeed there are unexpected emotions and feelings and emotions that may arise. Also you may have to deal with unpopular views, rumors and judgments as you enter a new life. Nevertheless, having the capacity to endure (and learn) from these issues is critical.

Tips for dating after divorce if you have children

After a divorce, dating may seem like a perpetual taboo if you have children. After all, they grew up with two people that they are emotionally connected to, and they are not necessarily as ready to move on as you may be. Also, they may be holding out hope that you and your ex may get back together. (Remember, many children feel as if their parents' break up is their fault). With that said, dating after a divorce may not be an easy transition.

When is a prenup helpful?

People are sharply divided over whether written agreements are necessary in romantic relationships. Prenuptial agreements are perhaps the most debated. Whether you believe they are very un-romantic, or set clear expectations for the relationship, there are many types of people whose actions suggest that a prenup would be a good idea.

What should grandparents do during a divorce?

Grandparents can feel as if they are in no win situations when grandchildren are caught in the throes of divorce. Do they decide to intervene, or should they stay away and let the parents work things out? This can be especially difficult if a grandparent has an established relationship with a child, and can no longer spend time with him (or her) because of a parent's angst.

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