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Prenuptial agreements are not just for the rich

Texas is a community property state and while on one hand that can make property division during a divorce seem simpler, it is not always the case. A prenuptial agreement is still a very useful document and is no longer really considered something just for the wealthy, as it has been in the past. Any couple and other family members can benefit from such an agreement.

International politics blocking adoptions to United States

Families in Houston and around the nation that opt for a adoption as a means to fulfill their dreams of parenthood and give a life to another human being know a world of joys and sorrow unlike any other parenting path. Even the most carefully planned adoption can be wrought with glitches and delays, causing great emotional turmoil to parents and children.

Women urged to protect against financial loss in divorce

Houston couples who are facing a divorce can begin to shift their energies from a joint to a singular focus. This means that they tend to begin making decisions for their own good, not necessarily for the good of the marriage or family. This can happen in a variety of arenas, including regarding financial decisions. Once a divorce is underway, it clearly happens regarding child support, spousal support and more.

How couples can make divorce less adversarial

A divorce is never an easy thing to face or go through. Plenty of couples in Houston and around the country know this all too well. From child support to property division and more, the range of topics about which divorcing spouses must agree upon can leave lasting emotional scars. Family law attorneys and counselors work to help people through the process as well as possible.

Reducing the financial impact of divorce on men

A divorce has long-lasting emotional and financial effects for all parties. When working through the divorce process, there are many ways that the losses and challenges can either be made more or less severe depending upon the complexities of the case and the ability of the spouses to work together to achieve resolutions and make agreements.

Caution for women choosing separation over divorce

Many Texas couples facing challenges in their marriage sometimes choose to separate for some time instead of or before divorcing. While this can be helpful in certain circumstances—even at times leading to reconciliations—it can also house many potential pitfalls for both spouses. The chance for greater financial or legal impact can grow during a lengthy separation.

Divorce does not always have to entail litigation

A divorce, no matter what the circumstances, can have far-reaching effects on many people including the spouses, children and even extended family members. While some of this is unavoidable, Houston couples that are facing the prospect of a divorce do have some options for how to minimize the negative impact on themselves and their children.

Adoptive parents receive ruling in their favor from U.S. Supreme Court

Houston families that have been involved in adoptions know the complexities that can arise. Even the most straightforward situation can turn into an emotional and challenging contested adoption before you know it. Whether a domestic or international adoption, laws and courts must often battle to determine what is in the best interests of the child in question and this can be a lengthy process.

New legal divorce battles emerge over embryos

Every day, Houston couples make the decision to divorce and are faced with a myriad of decisions related to property division, child custody, spousal support and more. Many such decisions are clearly defined by law which can help guide people through the divorce process to some degree, despite the high emotions that naturally tend to be involved.

Delays in foreign adoptions often due to United States government

Parents that adopt children give a life to a child that would otherwise not happen and the rewards can be great. However, the process of completing a planned adoption can be long and expensive, taking a toll on many an adoptive parent. Many Houston area families know this all too well.

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