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How to calculate child support

Different states follow considerably different formulae when calculating child support. The general criteria as to what needs to be considered remain primarily similar across states. This includes

  • The income of the supporting parent.
  • The needs of the supporting parent.
  • The financial needs of the child such as education, daycare, health/life insurance or any special needs.
  • The child's standard of living before separation or divorce.
  • The income of the parent paying child support and their ability to pay for it.

Physical and legal child custody

Child custody is common concept in the United States. Despite it being very common, most people are not aware of the several different kinds of child custody. Physical custody is one of the more widely known kind of custody. Physical custody is when a court order which grants a parent the right to have the child to live with him or her.

Dealing with divorce proceedings

Ending your marriage is never easy. It can take years for the family to regain equilibrium, and sometimes the actual process of the divorce can leave an emotional scar on everyone involved. Not every divorce ends on an amicable note, and with a rise in the cost of divorces as well as the time wasted, preparing yourself for the journey ahead of you is crucial.

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