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When divorcing, consider divorcing tax filings as well

When a Houston husband and wife make the difficult decision to end their marriage, there are many changes that need to be instigated. These can include changes in who lives where, splitting time with any minor children, property division, arrangements concerning alimony or child support and more. With a divorce signaling the end of most shared experiences and belongings, there can still be a time during which some things happen jointly.

Online sexual activity may impact custody in divorces

The world of family law encompasses a great many topics including adoption, paternity, divorce, child custody and support, spousal support, property division and more. Houston residents face these family law issues just as do their counterparts around the nation. Our changing world also affects these areas and makes it necessary to stay ever aware of emerging trends and situations which can affect family life.

Viability of gays at parents discussed by Catholic Pope

For people in Houston and around the country, the ability to adopt a child may be the only or best way to becoming parents. Any adoption can carry with it a unique set of challenges and should always be focused on the best interests of the child. Adoption issues can range from foreign laws for an international adoption to concerns about a biological parent wishing to retain communication with either a child or an adoptive parent and more.

New Year's is common time for divorces

Many industries and facets of life have trends that can be linked to the calendar. June, for example, is a common month for weddings in Houston. January is the month in which new gym memberships can be at their annual peak. Challenges with depression or other conditions such as SAD can be more noticeable during the winter months, when daylight is less prevalent. January and February tend to record more deaths of ill people who managed to make it through the holidays.

Understanding domestic and international adoptions

Houston couples that long to adopt a child in their quest to become parents face many decisions along the way. One of the first such decisions for many families is whether to choose a domestic adoption or an international adoption. There is no right or wrong to either decision but each does have its own unique set of challenges and adoption issues. Understanding this before going too far down any given path can be very important for prospective adoptive parents.

Identifying sole or shared debt during a divorce

Dividing marital property and assets during a divorce is often one of the most challenges part of any divorce. Many a Houston couple has seen their divorce process extended due to difficulties in reaching appropriate settlements. One factor that can make the division of property hard is that it is not only assets but also debts that must be identified and split. At times, knowing whether to apportion a given asset or debt as sole or marital property is not always so clear.

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