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Visitation is important for infants and young children

A divorce can be very difficult for children. An older child may demonstrate obvious signs of stress or discontent caused by the life changes created by a divorce. But even though it may not be as readily apparent, very young children may also experience anxiety when parents part ways.

Do I get to keep my inheritance when divorcing?

When a married couple believes it is time to end their relationship, there can be many details that need addressing. The division of assets is one of the most important issues a divorcing couple must work out. Determining who is entitled to what can be a complex and even contentious part of the divorce process.

Mothers can also be guilty of failing to pay child support

When a father fails to keep up with child support payments, he may be labeled a "deadbeat dad." Certainly, if a man is tasked with making support payments for the care of his child, then he must be held accountable when he does not do so.

How can I prepare for my adoptive child?

Giving an adoptive child a loving home can be extremely rewarding. At the same time, an adoptive couple may feel some apprehension prior to their child's arrival. But if the parents prepare themselves properly, they can allay some of the trepidation they are experiencing.

Prenuptial agreements help accommodate marital changes

When a couple is preparing to get married, they may believe that they will forever have nothing but warmth and good feelings for one another. This is perfectly normal; in fact being in love can cause people to experience a chemical reaction that shuts out negative thoughts about the object of their affection. This is what is meant by the saying "love is blind."

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