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3 tips for making child custody work for everyone involved

Child custody cases are very difficult for some parents because they might have to do things that make them uncomfortable for the good of the children. This includes things like having to see your ex at special events for the children. While it is certainly possible for most adults to handle these types of occurrences, it sometimes has a big mental impact on you.

There are several ways that you might be able to help your children adjust to the new way of life better. You will have to evaluate the situation and determine what options you feel are best for the case. Here are a few things to remember as you walk this new adventure:

  • Encourage your children to have a relationship with your ex. There are very few exceptions to this, such as if the ex was abusive toward the children. Sometimes, kids think they need to choose between parents. Letting them know that this isn't the case can help them tremendously.
  • Talk directly to your ex. Trying to use the kids or anyone else as a messenger can lead to incorrect messages being passed. It is always best to go directly to the source to avoid any confusion. Additionally, the two parents speaking directly means nobody, including the children, has to feel uncomfortable as they play the role of messenger.
  • Set clear rules for what is appropriate at shared events. No badmouthing should be allowed and nobody should bring up contentious matters. These times must focus solely on the children.

Be prepared for the entire adoption process

Making the decision to adopt a child can be one of the most joyous that you may ever make. Once you are ready to do this, remember that it likely isn't going to be a quick process. You have to find a child to adopt, but you also have some other things to do. One of these is to go through the home study and background check. While this might seem complicated, it really isn't.

We know that you might have some questions about the process. We are here to help you get through the entire experience. We want you to feel well-prepared for each step so that you aren't feeling too much stress.

Find ways to reduce stress as a single parent

One thing that can impact your parenting style when you are a single parent is stress. When you are married or have a significant other, you can hand the children over to them when you get overwhelmed. This isn't possible when you are the child's sole parent. With that in mind, you can find ways to adjust your parenting style to encourage a reduction in stress.

It might benefit you to follow a routine in your home. This is usually a very good idea with younger children who thrive on consistency and stability. Knowing what to expect might help the kids to prepare themselves for what's to come. You might notice that they don't throw tantrums like they did before the schedule was put into place.

Reasons why prenups are on the rise

It's no secret that young people these days are more open to prenuptial agreements than previous generations have been. They use them more often, and even those who do not use them still say that they agree with the fundamental idea in many cases. Prenups are accepted in a way they simply have not been before.

Why is this true? A lot of different reasons all factor in.

Complex property division matters must be worked through

Divorce is a time that will try your patience. Even if you don't have children together, you and your ex might have a lot of decisions to make just because of the property division process. Some couples have amassed quite a portfolio of assets and just as many debts. These situations can lead to very complex needs. We know that you might be ready to just get everything over with; however, you shouldn't let your desire for a speedy divorce mean that you walk away with less than you deserve.

The process of sorting through investments, retirement accounts and other assets can take time. We need to have many of these valuated so that you know the true value of them, which is what you should consider when you are splitting things up. We also need to consider the possibility that there are hidden assets that must be found and included in the process.

Things to remember when adopting a child

Adoption is one of the ways that some people opt to grow their family. When this is your choice, you need to make sure that you are protecting yourself and preparing for your new child to come home. It can be a challenge to make this happen in such a fluid situation.

Some of the things you will need to do depend on the age of the child. If you are adopting a baby, you might not have to worry about some of the challenges that a person who adopts a teen will have to handle. It can be difficult to think ahead to some of the things your child might need.

How can we handle child custody matters in a new school year?

Now that the school season is back in full swing, it is time for newly divorced parents to evaluate how they are going to handle some of the basic challenges that come with this time of year. There are many different things that you need to consider so that you and your children have as little stress as possible.

As you try to figure out how to navigate school situations as a single parent, there are a few different questions you can ask yourself that might help you decide on what you are going to do.

Vacation homes can be challenging in a divorce

Many situations can complicate a divorce. Owning a second home is one of these. There are some instances in which things are straightforward, such as when each party agrees about who gets which home and is able to get mortgages and other documents in order.

Before you determine who is going to keep the vacation home, think about what you will be able to afford. There is a good chance that your income is going to decrease some as a result of the divorce. You must think about all aspects of owning the vacation home to ensure that you are able to pay for the related expenses. It wouldn't do you any good to get the home in the divorce only to lose it or have it deteriorate because you can't take care of the upkeep.

Premarital agreements must be handled properly

Prenuptial agreements are important documents for many engaged couples. Not only do these help to protect both parties in the event of a divorce, they also help to set the stage for the finances during the marriage. Before you start drafting the agreement, there are some important points you need to remember.

One of the most important things to do is to make sure that you get this handled well in advance of the wedding. Trying to rush to get it done right before the ceremony can lead to claims that the document was signed under duress, which could invalidate it. By taking the time to get this done early in the engagement, you can make sure that you have it all set up in the best way possible.

Education is a key factor to consider in custody agreements

The back-to-school season is a time of readjustment for parents and children. After having the summer off, trying to get back into the swing of the early morning, homework and projects might not be easy. Some families will have it even rougher this year due to a separation or divorce over the summer. This adds another struggle to the mix as the parents try to figure out how to make the new schedule work.

We realize that there aren't any easy answers in these situations. One thing that is important is that you have everything related to the child's education spelled out clearly in the child-custody paperwork. This gives you the backbone of the terms that you need to know for this time.

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