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Long-distance parenting: Review the terms of summer visits

With the summer months right around the corner, now is the time to think about child care if you already haven't. For parents who don't have their kids during the school year, this might be a challenging time. In the case of long-distance parenting, you might have to plan for what you will do when you need to work, and the kids are with you.

It is unrealistic to think that you will be able to take the summer off. Instead, you might want to see if you can find a way to work a reduced schedule, so you have the time to spend with your children while they are with you. On the days that you have to work, you might choose to have a sitter come to the home or you may choose a day care center or camp.

Dealing with unexpected emotions during divorce

A divorce is a very emotional episode in your life. Many people think that this means that they will only feel sad and angry. This isn't necessarily the case. The feelings that you have during a divorce can be varied, so you should be prepared to deal with a host of emotions.

One of the most shocking is that you might feel nostalgic about memories of the marriage. These feelings of nostalgia can come when you see something that reminds you of a shared good time or if you go somewhere that holds positive memories. Choosing to focus on the positive things that resulted from the marriage can help you in the long run.

Divorce can devastate adopted children

Many people bring a child into their home through divorce. This is a lifelong commitment to help raise that child and help them become productive adults. You should remember that this continues even if you and your spouse decide that you are going to divorce. Unfortunately, going through their adoptive parents' divorce can be a very traumatic experience for the children, especially when they are older when they were adopted.

The reason why adopted children might have such a difficulty is that they thought they had found their permanent home. It is hard for them to understand that their parents getting divorced doesn't mean that they are losing them. You will likely have to help them realize that you and your ex will both still be their parents.

Factors that can render your prenuptial agreement invalid

If you are going to have a prenuptial agreement drawn up before you get married, you need to learn about some of the things that might invalidate it. An invalidated prenuptial agreement means that you don't have the protections that you thought you would.

One of the most important things to do is to make sure that you start the process early in the engagement. Both parties have to have ample time to read the agreement, review the terms and consult with an attorney. If it is presented too close to the wedding, there is a chance that the court might find that it should be invalidated.

Working as a parenting team sets a good standard for the kids

Parents who are able to work as a team will likely see that their children are adjusting well to the divorce. The co-parenting method is one that works well in these circumstances because the divorced parents remain a team when it comes to the children. This often helps the children feel more secure and provides better consistency for them.

The benefits of co-parenting are well documented, so parents might be able to use these as a reason to work toward an amicable situation. Here are a few to remember:

  • The children get a good example on how people can work as a team and build up relationships. They can also learn about how mutual respect and cooperation can benefit almost any situation.
  • The kids have a consistency that helps them to thrive since they aren't having to adjust to different rules in each home.
  • They can feel secure and enjoy better emotional and mental health. They know that their parents are working as a team to help them have the best life possible.

Tips for announcing your divorce to others

When your marriage ends, one unpleasant things that you will have to do is inform others about the pending divorce. The announcement might come as a tough conversation, but it isn't something that can usually be avoided.

Depending on your relationship with the people you tell, the conversations may be quite challenging. Consider these tips when you need to let others know that you are divorcing:

  • Let people closest to you know about the divorce first. This includes your children, parents and others who are directly impacted by the split. They don't need to find out on social media or from anyone other than you.
  • Consider making a social media announcement to let friends know. Alternatively, you could send out texts or something similar. This prevents you from having lengthy conversations about it with acquaintances.
  • Set clear boundaries about what can be discussed. Some people will want to know more details. Make sure that you and your ex have an agreement to not discuss intimate matters or anything that might cast a negative light on either adult. If you have children, you have to try to minimize the negative things they will hear about their parents.

Ensure you are comfortable with the adoption terms

One of the things that you have to think about when you are planning on adopting a child is the type of adoption you want to have. There are two primary forms – the open and the closed. In the past, the vast majority of adoptions were closed so that the birth family and adoptive family didn't know each other. When the child reached adulthood, they could look for their birth family. This presents some challenges, especially if since the adoptive family had very limited information about the birth family.

Now, open adoptions are far more common. But this doesn't mean that they are right in all situations. An open adoption means that the birth family and adoptive family exchange information. In some cases, they have an ongoing relationship. The extent to which this happens depends on how comfortable both sides are with the situation.

Your child must feel at home at your house

If you move out of the marital home when you divorce, you might find that your children are having trouble adjusting to life at your home. There are some ways that you might be able to help them feel more at home there. It will take time, especially since they aren't with you on a daily basis, so be willing to give them time.

First, give them their own space. If your children can have their own bedroom, that should be their own space. If more than one will share the room, be sure that they each have their own drawers or area in the closet. This should be the place where they can keep their things.

3 areas of focus for your divorce strategy

When you are going through a divorce, there are three primary areas that might need to be addressed. Some divorces might have all of these, and others may have one or two. No matter what, it is a good idea to look into them so that you know what to expect. We are here to answer any questions you might have about any of these common concerns.

First, you will have to divide the marital assets and debts. This is known as property division. Some people who are going through this process choose to split up the larger assets like real estate before they move to the smaller ones. This enables them to use the smaller ones to balance out the agreement. Debts might be saved for last since these can also be used to balance out the agreement.

Marital agreements offer protection to both spouses

Becoming engaged to the love of your life is a big step in your relationship. It is also the start of wedding planning. While you might be focused on choosing a venue, colors and other aspects of the wedding, don't forget that now is the best time to protect your future. You can do this by entering into a prenuptial agreement with your future spouse.

Some people don't like the sound a prenup. They think it means that they plan for the marriage to fail. This isn't at all the attitude you should have about it. Instead, the agreement gives you and your betrothed a chance to ensure you are on the same with the financial matters of the union.

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