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Tips for announcing your divorce to others

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2019 | Divorce

When your marriage ends, one unpleasant things that you will have to do is inform others about the pending divorce. The announcement might come as a tough conversation, but it isn’t something that can usually be avoided.

Depending on your relationship with the people you tell, the conversations may be quite challenging. Consider these tips when you need to let others know that you are divorcing:

  • Let people closest to you know about the divorce first. This includes your children, parents and others who are directly impacted by the split. They don’t need to find out on social media or from anyone other than you.
  • Consider making a social media announcement to let friends know. Alternatively, you could send out texts or something similar. This prevents you from having lengthy conversations about it with acquaintances.
  • Set clear boundaries about what can be discussed. Some people will want to know more details. Make sure that you and your ex have an agreement to not discuss intimate matters or anything that might cast a negative light on either adult. If you have children, you have to try to minimize the negative things they will hear about their parents.

One important thing to remember when you announce your divorce is that what you say and do might impact the terms of the divorce that you will have to live with. Be careful about what information about the end of the marriage you divulge to mutual friends and pay close attention to how things might appear on social media. For example, you shouldn’t post a picture of you on a luxury vacation to Instagram if you’re alleging in the divorce that you are experiencing money problems. Remember that once you announce the split, your life will likely be under a microscope.

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