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Why mediation is helpful for divorcing couples

Regardless of the reasons behind it, the notion of divorce commonly brings out ill will and defensive feelings that have the potential of making the process difficult. People in pain are more likely to feel like their rights are being violated and that they are not being treated fairly (by the court or the process in general). Because of this, people are apt to dig in their heels and prepare for protracted litigation.

Texas Supreme Court to consider same sex divorce cases

This fall, the Texas Supreme Court will hear arguments on two cases that have the potential of changing how the Texas Family Code addresses same sex marriage (as well as divorces). The cases involve one lesbian couple from Austin and one gay couple from Dallas; both of whom were legally married in Massachusetts. The two couples have tried (albeit unsuccesfully this far) to obtain a divorce in Texas.

How to avoid visitation problems during Labor Day weekend

With the last week of August coming upon us, many in Houston are looking forward to Labor Day weekend. Dubbed as the last summer weekend, it is expected to be celebrated with family barbeques, football games and shopping trips for school supplies. 

Tim Duncan's divorce finalized in 'secret' hearing

As the San Antonio Spurs advanced to the second round of the NBA playoffs against the Golden State Warriors, we reported on the clandestine divorce petition filed by Amy Duncan, wife of Spurs' power forward Tim Duncan.  The petition ostensibly was a result of Tim's investigation into his wife's relationship with a personal trainer.

How to handle text messaging with your ex

The proliferation of text messaging has changed the way people communicate with each other; especially divorced parents in Houston. No longer are the sweet, flirty messages sent with bated anticipation. Instead, texts are commonly cold, terse declarations that are commonly used when talking behind someone's back.

How to make fall transitions easier for divorced parents

For most students in Houston, the beginning of a new school year is nearing. Getting prepared for the new school, is more than just about changing sleep patterns and meeting news friends. (Most kids are used to sleeping in since there are no morning classes). 

Usher to retain custody of children in light of pool accident

A pool accident nearly claimed the life of Usher and Tameka Foster Raymond's young son last week. According to numerous reports, Usher Raymond V was trapped at the bottom of a pool due to a suction drain. Usher's aunt reportedly tried unsuccessfully to free him before two contractors working at the home were able to free him. They performed CPR and were able to revive the boy before he was taken to the hospital. 

Preparing for fall transitions

August is a month of anticipation for school age kids. Whether they are looking forward to going to kidnergarten or they are finally seniors in high school, the next month is going to be full of transitions. With their lives changing, so must those of parents. 

Helpful back to school lessons for parents

August is a month of anticipation in Houston. A new school year is close on the horizon, which means that life for parents and children is about to change once again. This is especially applicable to children and parents of divorce. After all, information must now be shared between two households instead of one. This could pose problems between parents who have trouble communicating.

Study: Overnights may affect babies' attachment

Creating parenting plans for infants can be a difficult task. Babies can't really express their feelings or preferences for how the plan should work. This mechanism becomes complicated when parents are both intimately involved in caring for the baby, but are not living together. In these situations, the child may spend extended amounts of time away from their "primary" caregiver. 

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