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How to handle text messaging with your ex

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2013 | Uncategorized

The proliferation of text messaging has changed the way people communicate with each other; especially divorced parents in Houston. No longer are the sweet, flirty messages sent with bated anticipation. Instead, texts are commonly cold, terse declarations that are commonly used when talking behind someone’s back.

Because of this, communication between divorced parents has inherently become more difficult. Instead of sitting down and actually talking with each other, parents are more likely to rely solely on text messaging to communicate plans, resolve differences, and make major announcements. All of which are fraught with difficulty.

With that, this post will set forth some basic rules for text messaging with an ex-spouse (or co-parent).

Refrain from text fights – The verbal jousting that you would have in person should not spill over to cyberspace. Not only is it tacky and very messy, text messages are proof of ill-fated statements that could be used againts you at a later date.

Keep it simple – It is annoying to send messages that encompass four and five different posts, even if you believe there is an important message to send. If it takes that much to communicate your message, you’re better off picking up the phone or sending an email.

Think before sending – Just like bombshell emails, it pays to think about what you are saying before you press “send.” This is helpful in avoiding misconceptions and misconstrued messages. Also, if the message is very important (i.e. a child has been seriously injured) the gravity of the situation merits a phone call.

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