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New ways to use prenuptial agreements

It used to be that prenuptial agreements were considered to be needed only by people who were extremely wealthy or famous. Today, however, the creation of a prenuptial agreement has become more common for Texas couples that do not fall into either of these categories. Other couples have found that postnuptial agreements are also useful at times they would not have thought of before.

Technology aids co-parenting after a divorce

Texas couples who get divorced with minor children must face a range of challenges during the process. Determining appropriate child custody arrangements that both parents can be satisfied with is commonly one of the most difficult parts of this experience. Add to that concerns about child support payments, parenting time, relocation and more and it is easy to see how many parents can become overwhelmed.

Adoptive parents may lose power of biological grandparent involvement

For many Texas families, adopting a child is the way that they can fulfill their dreams of parenthood. For others, an adoption is a way to solidify a new relationship, such as in a stepparent adoption. Some children who have been in foster care may be adopted at various ages and even other adoptions may take place in foreign countries. No matter the nature of an adoption, there can be many issues about which to be concerned.

Prison, fines and loss of assets face husband for divorce-related fraud

There is perhaps no such thing as an easy divorce but some are certainly more complex than others. Houston couples who have wrestled with family law issues surrounding child support, spousal support and more understand how easily a bad situation can be made worse. For most people, the challenges of a divorce are confined to settlement agreements. However, other people must endure even further problems.

Marital debt can follow you after divorce

The myriad of challenging decisions that Texas couples must face when going through divorces can seem unending at times. The division of marital property is commonly one of the most contested portions of a divorce. Divorce legal issues related to this can include identifying what is actually marital property and what is separate property as well as which spouse gets which asset.

Adopted teen thanks woman that helped him find a family

A television anchor for a Texas television station has for a number of years presented a weekly segment concerning children in need of being adopted. She provided stories on 350 different children and reportedly 75 percent of them were adopted by families.

Spousal support changes based upon new partners

Getting divorced can be one of the hardest life experiences that a person may face. As many Houston residents can attest, it is also not just a single-event experience. Many family law issues include ties that bind former spouses for years and changes in circumstances which may affect the original divorce settlement terms. Certainly the involvement of minor children is a common situation which requires ongoing interaction between people after they are divorced.

Lubbock divorce case a mistrial, new trial to be sought

Texas couples that must face the end of a marriage understand the many different challenges to be faced during the process. Whether an uncontested divorce or one that goes all the way to a jury trial, the emotional toll can be great. Divorce legal issues commonly include property division, child support and child custody, spousal support and more.

The relationship between divorce and Social Security

When a Texas family faces hard times and the challenges lead to the end of a marriage, the range of emotions and issues to overcome are great. Whether a complex divorce or an uncontested divorce, the process is never easy. Child custody, visitation plans, alimony, property division and more must all be agreed upon before a divorce is able to be finalized by the courts.

Federal lawsuit alleges Utah adoption law unfair

For many Texas residents, adoption is the path to much-desired parenthood. For others, it is a way of solidifying a special relationship as with a stepparent adoption. Sadly, however, not every adoption is simple and some are even contested. These situations can be challenging for both an adoptive parent and a biological parent and have the ability to impact the children involved in many ways.

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