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Adoptive parents may lose power of biological grandparent involvement

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2014 | Uncategorized

For many Texas families, adopting a child is the way that they can fulfill their dreams of parenthood. For others, an adoption is a way to solidify a new relationship, such as in a stepparent adoption. Some children who have been in foster care may be adopted at various ages and even other adoptions may take place in foreign countries. No matter the nature of an adoption, there can be many issues about which to be concerned.

Every state has different regulations about adoptions and a new bill in Utah could change many aspects of adoptive relationships. Under existing laws, if a child is adopted, the adoptive parent has the ability to determine whether or not biological grandparents will remain involved in the child’s life. The new law would allow for biological grandparents to petition the court for visitation rights.


Source: The Salt Lake Tribune, “Bill: Grandparents retain rights after parental termination,” Amy McDonald, March 5, 2014

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