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Proven Adoption Representation And Services

Are you looking for an accomplished, efficient attorney who enjoys handling adoptions and cares about your costs? Whether you reside in Harris, Montgomery or Waller County, Texas, we will welcome you and talk through any challenges involved with your planned or necessary adoption, always with the focus on helping your family achieve greater happiness and stability.

Stepparent And Other Family Adoptions — Termination Of Rights — Uncontested Or Contested

We are a child-focused family law firm that recognizes the range of challenges faced by parents and other caregivers. We know Texas adoption law and our way around the courts and procedures specific to the courts in the Cy-Fair area. We encourage you to turn to our caring lawyers and staff for guidance, action and support in your:

  • Stepparent adoption or other in-family adoption, including an adoption that requires a termination of parental rights
  • Contested adoption of one or more children driven by family violence, neglect or emotional abuse — often pursued by grandparents, aunts and uncles, or siblings of troubled parents
  • Decision as a foster parent to pursue adoption involving Child Protective Services (CPS) and the family court
  • Independent adoption when a baby or child has already been placed with you and anticipate an uncontested procedure

Patient, Informative And Cost-Conscious Legal Representation You Can Trust

Understanding the relevant law is critical for busy people dealing with family crises or working toward goals that require navigation of the legal system. If you are considering adoption, we take time to explain what you need to know, answer your “why and how” questions, and help you set reasonable expectations for results, timing and costs.

Some adoption lawyers require the client to complete a large volume of upfront work, filling out pages and pages of forms before they invest significant time. At Regan Armstrong & Associates, PLLC, we start with open conversation focused on understanding your concerns and goals. Please call or email us today to discuss your plans for adoption or other important family law needs: 281-894-1590.

For your convenience, we can meet with Cypress and Willowbrook clients at our Jones Road location.