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Need To Have A Family Court Order Enforced?

However hard you may have worked to establish acceptable terms for your divorce, there are no guarantees of smooth sailing afterward. Life can be unpredictable for all of us and — for a wide range of reasons — you may need a strong, determined lawyer to help with enforcement of the orders in your Texas divorce decree. We have also helped clients defend against enforcement actions based on false allegations.

At Regan Armstrong & Associates, PLLC, we know that a dispute with an ex-spouse can be sensitive or even volatile. In this time, you want caring, informed counsel on options for enforcement of court orders or defense of your rights, please contact our attorneys now.

Support Payments — Parenting Issues — Defense Of Your Rights

We know the most effective procedures for navigating courts and working with agencies throughout the Cy-Fair area when your ex-spouse is:

  • Failing to pay court-ordered child support or spousal support
  • Violating the terms of your child custody and possession/visitation order by denying you parenting time, attempting to relocate children without court permission, or engaging in conduct potentially harmful to your children
  • Delaying or refusing to take financial actions stipulated in your divorce — such as liquidation of assets, payment of debts, or paying you your share of an agreed-upon property sale
  • Making allegations against you with the court or enforcement authorities, exposing you to potential wage garnishment, fines or even jail time

Measured, Effective Information And Action To Keep You In Control

Divorce decree enforcement is not an issue most people contemplate having to deal with, and the available measures for doing so are specific and complex. We will take the time to hear you out on a personal level, review the terms of your divorce decree in detail, and explore all enforcement or defense options open to you.

If your case calls for aggressive action, we are ready to respond. If you decide to try further negotiations before escalating the matter in the legal system, we can provide informed guidance based on our experience with many other divorce cases, decrees and custody and child support enforcement actions. To speak with a family law attorney who will work hard to find the best strategy while keeping your costs under control, please call or email us today.

For your convenience, we can meet with Cypress and Willowbrook clients at our Jones Road location.