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Protection For Family Violence Victims Or Those Accused

Any incident or allegation of family violence must be taken very seriously. Texas law enforcement authorities and family courts prioritize preventing tragic consequences, especially harm to children. Our attorneys adamantly support that preventive stance, while recognizing that “he said; she said” situations often require balance and sensitivity as well as fast action.

To speak with a calm but action-oriented advocate for safety, children and justice, please contact Regan Armstrong & Associates, PLLC, a Cy-Fair area law firm, today. We will respond quickly to your appeal for help. Although we do not provide legal assistance in criminal defense, we are equipped to deal with all family law-related aspects of your situation.

Securing Protective Orders — Defense Against Allegations

We have seen the harm done by family violence, and we stand ready to help you seek protective orders — for yourself, your children, or both — as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our lawyers also help individuals who have been accused demonstrate their innocence and avoid an adverse impact on their pending divorce, child custody outcome, or other aspect of their lives.

Equipped To Help You With Legal Action, Divorce Preparation, Or Other Personal Needs

We are ready to provide counsel and take quick action if you are:

  • In fear for your safety or your children’s due to acts of domestic abuse or threats by a spouse, ex-spouse, or other family member
  • Are considering filing for divorce to end family violence or threats
  • Dealing with false allegations that have either produced an unjust protective order against you or may otherwise put you in an adverse position in your divorce or child custody dispute
  • Genuinely remorseful about threats or other acts against a family member and need help finding counseling or protecting your parental rights for the future

We have a strong track record of obtaining protective orders for victims of family violence, as well as getting allegations dismissed in the course of family law matters. We are especially conscious of child safety and well-being — advocates for justice and close involvement by both parents when possible.

Immersed in the Cy-Fair community, we can call on solid resources to help children, support your case or get you the added personal help you need. Please call or email now to discuss your needs: 281-894-1590. We meet Cypress and Willowbrook clients at our Jones Road office by appointment.