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Texas Child Support Information And Representation

Almost every divorce with children comes with far-reaching financial changes, obligations and expectations. Even if divorcing parents are in agreement on a child custody arrangement, issues can arise surrounding child support — initiated by either the parent who will be required to make monthly payments or the one who expects to receive them.

If you are divorcing with children in the Cy-Fair area of Houston, please contact us. Although there is a formula in place for calculating Texas child support, there may be special circumstances which will change these calculations. Modifications are possible when circumstances change, but the time to have a qualified lawyer review your situation and help you set expectations is now — before you sign any agreement.

Temporary Orders — Special Circumstances — Calculations And Expectations

Some of the issues we take great care to consider are:

  • What actions — such as petitioning for temporary child support — must be taken quickly to meet children’s needs while the divorce is in progress?
  • Is a departure from guidelines justified by a child’s special needs, one parent’s “net resources” above $7,500 monthly, or some other factor?
  • If either parent is self-employed or has multiple income sources, have accurate numbers been established to calculate a just child support obligation?
  • How will obligations involving health insurance for your children impact your financial situation?

Most judges believe that — under all but seriously adverse circumstances, often involving family violence, other criminal behavior or substance abuse — children should benefit from the involvement of both parents in their lives. An inadequate or unrealistic child support order can disrupt this goal by putting one parent under severe financial stress.

Providing Current Information And Support After Divorce

Texas child support laws change periodically — and parents’ incomes and behaviors are also subject to change. If you are now facing divorce, please recognize that others’ experiences may not be accurate for you. If you or your ex-spouse has experienced a substantial change in circumstances, it can be important to take prompt action in seeking a modification. Finally, our attorneys may also be able to help you with child support enforcement problems.

If you have children, you will find our approach intently focused on their well-being and your own. Please contact our caring family law attorneys today for insight and advocacy you need. Consultations can be made at our Jones Road location for clients in the Cypress and Willowbrook communities.