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Insight Into Alimony And Spousal Support Matters

Spousal support — still referred to as alimony by many — is not even part of the equation in most modern Texas divorces. Every family law situation can have its own special considerations, however, and your belief that you deserve spousal support, or that your divorcing spouse will try to get spousal support, is a clear indicator that you should talk to an attorney.

Whether spousal support is a potential issue in your divorce depends on many factors, beginning with the length of your marriage. The inability to meet basic needs or the inability of one spouse to work due to a disability may also come into play. Family court judges have broad discretion in awarding alimony, making preparation and negotiations to resolve the matter out of court extremely important.

Assertion And Defense Of Your Important Financial Interests

Our attorneys are well-equipped to counsel and represent you in a financially complex divorce. If your situation justifies receiving alimony/spousal support from your ex-spouse, we will build your case and diligently pursue a fair settlement or court order — both in terms of the amount and duration. If your divorcing wife or husband is seeking spousal support from you, we will do all we can to protect your financial interests.

Our firm’s strengths include:

  • Timely, effective advocacy when temporary spousal maintenance must be sought or contested
  • Resolution of financially complex but essentially amicable divorces through negotiation or collaborative law
  • Access to specialized, expert outside resources for investigation and evaluation that may support your position on spousal support
  • The proven ability to fight for your rights in family court if going to trial is necessary to get a just, financially equitable outcome
  • Savvy pursuit and development of contractual alimony agreements when parties are both interested in avoiding a court-ordered solution

In The Cy-Fair Area, Call 281-894-1590 For Strong, Caring Representation

Experienced lawyer Regan Armstrong invests serious energy into each individual divorce or other family law matter we handle. You can turn to us for a diligent assessment of all angles on your situation — and the ability to pursue the path to resolution you choose based on solid insight. Talk to our firm today to schedule an appointment at our Jones Road (serving Cypress and Willowbrook clients) location.