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Divorce Mediation May Be An Option

Contrary to what the media tends to portray, not every divorce is a battle of words in a drawn-out courtroom battle. For many couples, it is possible to resolve disputes in an amicable, cost-effective way through family law mediation.

Trained Mediator And Family Law Attorney

At Regan Armstrong & Associates, PLLC, we provide mediation services. Our Cy-Fair area family law mediation lawyers recognize the value in resolving divorce and other family law concerns through alternative means of dispute resolution such as mediation, negotiation or collaborative law.

We have the training and ability to not only represent you and your interests during mediation proceedings but also serve as a mediator. Attorney Regan Armstrong is a trained mediator. She can act as a neutral third party, facilitating negotiations between you and your attorney and your spouse and their legal counsel.

To arrange a consultation with an experienced Cypress, Texas, divorce agreement attorney, contact our firm. We can help you make decisions in a way that protects your future and the future of your children.

What Is Family Law Mediation?

In divorce or family law mediation, both parties and their respective attorneys work with a neutral mediator to discuss the issues at hand. Together, the parties strive to reach a mutually acceptable divorce or child custody agreement. Attorney Regan Armstrong can facilitate this process as a trained mediator.

Many of our clients who participate in family law mediation are comfortable with the results because they have had the opportunity to create their own legal solutions, rather than leaving the decision to an unfamiliar judge. Research has shown people are more likely to comply with agreements developed during divorce or family law mediation, making them far less likely to return to court in the future.

However, if at any time divorce mediation does not appear to be the correct choice in your case, the divorce attorneys at Regan Armstrong & Associates, PLLC, can effectively represent you at trial.

Contact A Cypress, Texas, Divorce Agreement Lawyer

Family law mediation can save both time and the cost of having to go to trial while preserving amicable relationships. For divorce representation or a trained family law mediator, contact our firm for a consultation: 281-894-1590. We offer consultations at our Jones Road location for clients in Cypress and Willowbrook.