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Not all prenuptial agreements are created equal

No couple planning a marriage really wants to consider the option of divorce but the reality for such a situation does exist. Having a solid prenuptial agreement in place can help make a divorce that may happen potentially less complicated than if no such agreement existed. Prenuptial agreements have become more popular for this reason and many couples in Houston now consider them before entering a marriage.

National Adoption Month highlights international adoption challenges

Many Houston couples, like others around the nation, have looked to adoption as a means to becoming parents. Whether domestic or international, adoption offers opportunities to adoptive parents and families and adoptees alike. Some people choose to adopt a child even if they are able to successfully have biological children while others rely on adoption when other methods of becoming parents do not work.

Options to reduce the pain of the divorce process

Most people in Houston know someone that has gone through a divorce at some point. As they will report, the process can be tumultuous and difficult for all involved. The need to identify agreements on a myriad of topics from property division to child support and more can make the divorce process seem daunting at times.

Geographical trends in divorce noted

Divorces are influenced by many factors and can never truly be narrowed down to one simple indicator. Even in the case of an extra-marital affair, other problems would have been at play prior to the affair itself. Any Houston couple that has gone through a divorce knows all too well the range of contributors that led to the situation.

Not all divorces need to be exorbitantly expensive

Houston couples who have been through a divorce know how easily the costs can spiral out of control. In addition to what may be lost in a divorce settlement, the out-of-pocket expenses can be more than some people are able to pay. In some situations, the fear of an expensive divorce prevents people from taking such action no matter what the other circumstances may be.

Father granted sole custody of toddler when mother moved away

Issues surrounding custody of children during a divorce can be some of the most difficult for Houston parents to work through. The loss of time with their children is never easy and courts work to find agreements for child custody that are in the best interest of the child or children in question. It is not uncommon in many states to have the custody order include parameters for or restrictions on parental relocation, in an effort for both parents to maintain a good relationship with children.
Such was the situation in a divorce in New York in which the parents signed a joint custody agreement that prevented either of them from moving away without either the approval of the other parent or of the court. However, only one month after the divorce was final, the mother accepted a job that would take her roughly 230 miles away from her ex-husband. When the child’s father refused to approve of the relocation, the woman petitioned the court for permission.

Property division and protection fuels rise in prenuptial agreements

The thought of getting divorced in the midst of planning a wedding can seem to be a bit of an oxymoron and may not be the most emotionally palatable thing for couples to consider. However, Houston couples, like many around the nation, can still benefit from a prenuptial agreement and use the experience of crafting such a document as a good exercise in marital communication and negotiation.

Divorce experts can make the process simpler

The process of getting divorced can be extremely complex and affects every part of a person’s life. Houston couples who experience divorce must work to resolve often differing opinions regarding child custody, living arrangements, division of property and many financial matters as well. The wide range of divorce legal issues can seem overwhelming at times and finding resolution between both parties is sometimes better accomplished with third-party help.

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