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Divorce experts can make the process simpler

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2013 | Uncategorized

The process of getting divorced can be extremely complex and affects every part of a person’s life. Houston couples who experience divorce must work to resolve often differing opinions regarding child custody, living arrangements, division of property and many financial matters as well. The wide range of divorce legal issues can seem overwhelming at times and finding resolution between both parties is sometimes better accomplished with third-party help.

As detailed in an article in the media recently, the use of independent experts can be beneficial when working through some of the topics in a divorce such as property division or parenting time. If one or both spouses have interest in a business, for example, an independent expert to help provide a full valuation of the business is useful. A counselor, psychologist or other mental health practitioner can offer guidance for child custody arrangements.

When determining alimony or child support structure, the need to properly calculate the income of both spouses is important and hiring an income expert can be a fair way to do this. Real estate experts provide valuable assistance with the valuation, liquidation or even acquisition of real property assets during a divorce while vocational experts can weigh in on the potential work future of a spouse who has been unemployed outside of the home for some period of time.

The cost of hiring such experts can more than pay for itself by helping to simplify the overall process and reduce the disputes that may otherwise extend for longer periods of time. You can ask your family law attorney for further information about divorce experts and if they may be helpful for you.

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