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National Adoption Month highlights international adoption challenges

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2013 | Uncategorized

Many Houston couples, like others around the nation, have looked to adoption as a means to becoming parents. Whether domestic or international, adoption offers opportunities to adoptive parents and families and adoptees alike. Some people choose to adopt a child even if they are able to successfully have biological children while others rely on adoption when other methods of becoming parents do not work.

International adoptions have been a common source of adopting for many American couples with a large number of children adopted from Eastern Europe and China, among other countries. However, in recent years, challenges with adopting children from foreign countries have grown due in part to the enactment of the Hague Adoption Convention. Despite this, the U.S. Secretary of State recently praised the Convention.

The Secretary of State’s comments were part of an address related to National Adoption Month, which is November. In his speech, he referred to the joy that his own family has experienced since his sister adopted a girl from China. He also called for more people to adopt children from other countries. Despite many adoption issues with the Hague Adoption Convention, the need for continued adoptions remains. The number of international adoptions has dropped significantly since the Convention.

If you are interested in adopting a child, may first wish to speak with an attorney to help ensure that the best interest of the child and your family is tended to. Even if you work through an adoption organization, an attorney working on your behalf can be beneficial.

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