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Usher to retain custody of children in light of pool accident

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2013 | Uncategorized

A pool accident nearly claimed the life of Usher and Tameka Foster Raymond’s young son last week. According to numerous reports, Usher Raymond V was trapped at the bottom of a pool due to a suction drain. Usher’s aunt reportedly tried unsuccessfully to free him before two contractors working at the home were able to free him. They performed CPR and were able to revive the boy before he was taken to the hospital.

Based on the incident, Tameka Foster Raymond filed an emergency motion seeking temporary custody of Usher V and the couple’s other son.

She complained that the child was unsupervised and that Usher leaves the children in the care of people who are not qualified to look after children. She also indicated that last week’s incident was a prime example of his faults.

Texas family courts can grant temporary custody motions to account for emergency situations where children are in immediate physical danger or subject to emotional harm. This may include situations where a parent has succumbed to drugs, their home has become unsafe, or the parent has been severely injured such that they cannot care for a child.

A Fulton County judge dismissed Tameka Raymond’s request after finding that the child was not in such danger. The evidence reportedly showed that no one could have prevented the accident, and that the boy was properly supervised at the time. Usher’s aunt was poolside when the boy was swimming, and Usher was reportedly close by at a recording studio.

The motion was the latest chapter in a long history of proceedings over custody of the children, and comes nearly one year after Tameka Raymond’s son was killed in a watercraft accident.

Source: ABC News.com, Usher to keep custody of his two young sons, August, 10, 2013

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