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How to make fall transitions easier for divorced parents

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2013 | Uncategorized

For most students in Houston, the beginning of a new school year is nearing. Getting prepared for the new school, is more than just about changing sleep patterns and meeting news friends. (Most kids are used to sleeping in since there are no morning classes).

Just as kids must prepare for an adjustment, parents must do so as well. They may have to adjust to new schedules, new anxieties about the unknown, as well as additional expenditures. All of these have the potential to escalate into costly (and unnecessary) disputes. Here are a few ways to avoid them as a new school year starts.

Take part in supporting the transition – Co-parenting during transitions is important because it helps kids understand that both parents are supporting them. If kids are okay, chances are that the parents’ relationship will be better.

Seek help in getting school supplies – There’s a reason why Target, K-Mart and Wal-Mart run a constant barrage of back-to-school commercials. The cost of school supplies seems to be constantly rising, and most parents can’t afford them by themselves. So seek help from extended family and church groups to make ends meet.

Share and share alike – As we have said before, co-parenting is a two-parent job. This means that one parent cannot control (or be expected to provide) everything. So parents should strive to share costs that are not necessarily covered through child support (i.e. sports leagues and uniforms). After all, sharing these responsibilities is usually more cost effective than litigating these issues.

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