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Dealing with divorce proceedings

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2016 | Uncategorized

Ending your marriage is never easy. It can take years for the family to regain equilibrium, and sometimes the actual process of the divorce can leave an emotional scar on everyone involved. Not every divorce ends on an amicable note, and with a rise in the cost of divorces as well as the time wasted, preparing yourself for the journey ahead of you is crucial.

Child custody is often among the most emotionally charged issues for many divorcing couples. Usually, the court will grant custody of the children to one parent, while ordering the other to pay child support, which is usually a specific percentage of the parent’s net income. What’s important for you and your spouse to agree on is whether you’ll be looking to pursue a sole or joint managing conservatorship. This is decided depending on who will be making the essential parental and legal decisions for the child in their best interests.

Another important area to brush up on your facts is the division of assets.  This is often where most of the time is spent, and where things tend to get uncivil. It’s important to know what was brought into the marriage and what you will leave with. Negotiations for the division of assets are often lengthy and time-consuming.

If you and your spouse are thinking of filing for divorce, it is important to involve an experienced defense attorney. The attorney will assist you through the process and try to negotiate the division of assets in your best interests.

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