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More children available for adoption yet fewer children adopted

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2013 | Uncategorized

The decision to adopt a child can grow from a variety of situations. For some Houston residents, infertility and challenges with medical options can be disheartening. For single parents or same-sex couples, a desire to have and raise a family can lead to the exploration of such options. Whatever the reason, there are many challenges that can be faced when considering the adoption of a child, whether foreign or domestic.

With long waiting period and a multitude of adoption issues here in the United States, many citizens have looked overseas for international adoption opportunities. After many years of an increasing number of foreign adoptions by American parents, the trend has not only slowed but reversed. A dramatic decline in the number of such adoptions has been noted since 2004, when many foreign countries began instituting stricter policies for such adoptions.

China, for example, will not allow international adoptions to people over the age of 50, to single persons, to blind people or to couples married less than two years or five years if the marriage is a second marriage. China also has financial requirements that prospective parents must meet. At the same time, the rate of adoption for U.S. children, specifically black children, outside of the country has risen.

The best interest of the child should always be at the heart of any adoption. With the challenges inherent in any domestic or international adoption, working with an attorney that understands the laws and needs of parent and children may be helpful for those wishing to adopt a child.

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