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Ex-husband’s payor subject of child support claims

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2013 | Uncategorized

The world of family law poses many challenging and emotional situations and decisions for all involved. From property division to child custody to spousal support, child support and more family law attorneys in Houston work with clients every day to help resolve conflicting needs and wants and identify amicable solutions.

Even when agreements are reached, unfortunately, there can still be a need for post-divorce modification or maybe even problems with enforcing certain stipulations made by the court. An Illinois woman has been battling for several years to obtain her rightful payments from her former husband for child support, alimony and premiums for health insurance for the woman and her three children.

Illinois law, as with some other states, allows employers or those entities providing payment for services to be of assistance in withholding payments or even garnishing wages of the person who is failing to make their ordered payments. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois is the primary payor to the woman’s husband but, despite a state appellate court ruling in her favor, claims for the full support due are still unresolved. The couple was divorced after 20 years of marriage in 2008 and the wife has been seeking payments from BCBS since September of that year.

Divorced Houston residents face similar types of dispute on a regular basis. While the laws vary between states, many people opt to work with a family law attorney and find that to be useful in identifying their rights and working for the best resolution.

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