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Lakers’ Jeanie Buss and Phil Jackson to wed

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2013 | Uncategorized

The Los Angeles Lakers’ relationship with Phil Jackson has been one of the most complicated in professional sports. After a moribund start to the season which led to former coach Mike Brown being dumped five games into the season, the Lakers flirted with bringing back the coach with the most championships in NBA history (five with the Lakers) only to settle on Mike D’Antoni.

Perhaps it was Jackson’s longtime relationship with Jeanie Buss that led Lakers brass to pass on him. Buss and Jackson had been dating since 1999 and even live together. With such a dis by his former employer, it may be a surprise that Jackson recently announced that he and Buss were getting married.

Celebrity wedding announcements commonly bring about talk of prenuptial agreements. It remains to be seen whether one will be used here, given the length of their relationship. Nevertheless, it is always amusing to revisit some of the strange provisions that couples request in prenups:

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban – Urban will reportedly earn $640,000 for each year they are married should they divorce, but if he uses illegal drugs, he will receive nothing.

Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo – The two are in different relationships now, but Romo allegedly wanted a provision regarding Simpson’s weight. If she weighed more than 135 pounds during their marriage, she would owe him $500,000.

At their core, prenuptial agreements are meant to protect (and distinguish) couples’ separate property and establish guidelines for asset division in the case they separate. They are not meant to control a spouse’s behavior (even though they sometimes do). If you have questions about whether a prenup is right for you, a prenuptial agreements can help.

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