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Adoption can serve to protect children from abuse

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2015 | Uncategorized

There are several essential things that children need. They need shelter, food and clothing. They need to know they are loved and wanted. They also need sense of safety and security. A home should be a child’s safe refuge from an outside world that can be very intimidating and frightening. But what if the child’s home is the most threatening and scary place in his or her life?

When children live in the shadow of domestic violence, they may never enjoy a moment’s tranquility. Any minute could bring a threatening eruption of yelling, breaking, hitting and crying. Being the victim of physical abuse or witnessing violent acts can be extremely painful and traumatic. Often children who grow up in such chaotic environments carry their emotional wounds into adulthood.

Therefore, it is often in the best interests of the child to be removed from a violent home situation. In such cases, other family members may be allowed to give the child the home he or she needs and deserves. If parents are unable to provide a safe and suitable home for a child, then it is possible for grandparents, siblings or other relatives to pursue a contested adoption.

If you believe that a child relative of yours is in a physically dangerous or emotionally damaging situation, you may wish to discuss the matter with an attorney at Regan Armstrong & Associates. You can visit our webpage that describes the various services we can provide for those who are interested in adopting a child.

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