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Mother regains custody of missing daughter

On Behalf of | May 29, 2015 | Uncategorized

It can be very stressful for children when their parents divorce. That stress may be compounded by continuous conflict. Therefore, when parents do divorce, it is everyone’s best interests that child custodyy issues are worked out as amicably as possible.

Unfortunately, sometimes emotions can run so strong in child custody cases that a parent may act in an ill-advised manner. A parent may even attempt to take full possession of a child in violation of an established custody agreement.

Recently, a teenaged daughter was returned to her mother in Texas after allegedly having been with her father in Mexico since 2007. The mother says that her ex-husband took the daughter without consent. Since that time, the mother had been searching for her daughter.

But now that her daughter has been returned, the mother is looking forward to being with her. The mother says she will honor her daughter’s request that she not charge the father for his actions. The daughter said she is happy to be back with her mother, but will also miss her father.

It is good news that the daughter returned safely after so many years. One can only imagine how relieved and happy the mother likely feels. But in such a case, it is easy to see how the child could feel very conflicted. Children can love both of their parents and it is important that they are able to spend time with each of them.

If you are dealing with an ex-spouse who is not adhering to a child custody agreement, a Texas family law attorney may be able to offer you assistance. The attorney could appeal to the court for the enforcement of the custody agreement’s terms.

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