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What are the requirements for adopting a child in Texas?

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2014 | Uncategorized

While raising children has an unimaginable number of challenges, the rewards can be equally innumerable. The instinct to care for and guide children into adulthood is hardwired in many of us. However, sometimes finding a way to satisfy that instinct is not so simple. For a variety of reasons, many couples–as well as single people–want nothing more than to share their lives with a child but cannot.

When circumstances are such that natural childbirth is not a viable avenue for having children, adoption becomes a very attractive option. Perhaps you have considered adopting, but have been hesitant to pursue the process because you think you may not have the necessary qualifications. But what are these requirements?

The state of Texas takes a number of factors into account when considering the fitness of those who are petitioning the Court to adopt a child. Of overriding concern is what the Court deems is best for the child.

Dovetailing into best interest are several other issues. As a potential adoptive parent, you must be able to show you can provide financially for a child. You must also demonstrate that you can give a child a stable home life. Your age and personal health may also be of concern to the Court.

Additionally, a petitioner’s criminal record may come under scrutiny, especially if they have charges involving such things as domestic violence, offenses against children and drug crimes.

So the state does have standards, but these are standards that many people are capable of meeting. If you decide to bring someone to care for into your life, you can use the help of legal representation to help you demonstrate your worthiness as a potential parent.

A Texas attorney may prove to be a helpful source of information regarding the adoption process and may also help you successfully navigate that process so you can share your love with someone special.

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