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How to deal with missed parenting time on the Fourth of July

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2013 | Uncategorized

Nothing signifies the Fourth of July like time with family. It is this midsummer holiday that families in Houston get together to enjoy barbeque, music, domino games and of course, fireworks. However, there are some parents who do not partake in these activities with their children.

In some instances, it may be by choice. A parent recognizes (or has agreed previously) to let the other parent spend time with the children. In others, a parent is simply deprived of time with their kids because the other parent is irresponsible or vindictive. As painful and unfair as these instances can be, what can a parent do when they occur?

Parents who have missed parenting time during a holiday can petition the court for compensatory time. This essentially gives a parent additional time to make up for the time that was missed due to the other parent’s error. Of course, compensatory time may not make up for the special plans (and hurt feelings) that were made in anticipation for the holiday, but it is the measure of compensation that is allowed by law.

Before going to court, parents are generally encouraged to work amongst themselves to reach an accord regarding missed parenting time. Parents can agree on their own to shift schedules to accomdate missed parenting time without the court’s intervention. This is generally easier (and less costly) than going before a Harris County family court judge.

If you have any questions regarding missed parenting time (whether it is during a holiday or not) an experienced family law attorney can help.

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