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Parenting plans: Ground rules for your child custody matters

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2019 | Child Custody

Your children count on you to provide them with a stable and loving support system. Doing this when you are divorced from their other parent might not be easy, but trying to make a co-parenting situation work can greatly benefit the children. We know that this can have some unique challenges for you.

One thing to remember when you are working with your ex is that the decisions you make now shouldn’t be based on what your relationship was like when you split up. Instead, the sole focus should be on how you can help your children. When both parents work together and present a united front, the children know that they are secure. They also realize that they can’t play one parent against the other.

Another point that should remain at the forefront of your mind is that your ex is an important person in your child’s life. Most children need to have a meaningful relationship with both parents. Encourage your children to forge this type of bond with your ex. There are only very limited circumstances, such as child abuse, in which this might not need to happen.

Finally, take the time to work out a comprehensive child custody agreement. This can set the stage for what happens throughout your child’s life. Knowing that you have a set schedule and some ground rules for various scenarios might help reduce your stress level. We can help you to devise a workable parenting plan that puts your kids first and gives you what you need to help them thrive.

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