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Complex property division matters must be worked through

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2018 | Divorce

Divorce is a time that will try your patience. Even if you don’t have children together, you and your ex might have a lot of decisions to make just because of the property division process. Some couples have amassed quite a portfolio of assets and just as many debts. These situations can lead to very complex needs. We know that you might be ready to just get everything over with; however, you shouldn’t let your desire for a speedy divorce mean that you walk away with less than you deserve.

The process of sorting through investments, retirement accounts and other assets can take time. We need to have many of these valuated so that you know the true value of them, which is what you should consider when you are splitting things up. We also need to consider the possibility that there are hidden assets that must be found and included in the process.

We also need an accurate account of all debts that were incurred during the marriage. These all need to be split up, too. We know that this might be a challenge, especially if there are debts that are hidden or were misrepresented.

Oftentimes, there isn’t a way to split the assets in an appropriate manner. In these cases, we might be able to use the debts to balance things out a bit. For example, if one spouse has a much larger share of the assets, they might take on a larger portion of the debts.

Your divorce terms have to take your unique circumstances into account. We are here to help you determine what solutions might prove useful for your case.

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