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Life after divorce might be expensive

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2018 | Family Law

When you are married, you and your spouse work toward the shared goal of keeping the house up and running, including paying the bills. When both spouses work, there are two sources of income as well. If you go through a divorce, you might struggle to pay those same expenses.

There are three primary areas where your budget is stressed. One of the most costly is housing. Your own income must now cover your rent or mortgage payment. If this is too much, you might have to consider another housing option because you will need to have some money left for other expenses.

Another area where you might have more strain is household items. Even though you won’t be feeding your ex, your food bill might be a major expenses. When you add in expenses like cleaning supplies and other household goods, you will likely find that this is a major category in your budget.

The child custody exchange might also be an added expense. Your children will need luggage to bring items back and forth in. There is also the cost of travel, which might be minimal if you live near your ex, but it could be more expensive if you live a longer distance away.

The cost of having to live a single life after marriage shouldn’t be the only consideration when you are thinking about divorce. You should consider the state of your marriage and how divorce might affect your life before you file the paperwork.

Before taking any major actions, make sure that you fully understand the community property laws of the state of Texas.

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