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A child’s age might be a concern when dealing with a divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2018 | Uncategorized

Children thrive on consistency and stability. These are the reasons why divorce is a tough situation for children to go through. The child’s entire life has included his or her parents being in a relationship. Now, they are having to learn how to live divided into two homes. This can be a challenge, even for children who are resilient.

Interestingly, the child’s age might have something to do with how he or she handles the news of the divorce. Older children might feel like they have to try to do something about the situation. They might even try to take some of the responsibility for the situation, which isn’t a good thing since only the adults are at the center of the divorce reasons.

Younger children might have trouble with the divorce because they are so naive. They might take the divorce personally. They might assume that they are the sole reason for the divorce and may decide to try to behave in an effort to reconcile their parents.

Parents have to be careful what they say about the divorce and the reasons for it. Children are likely to take everything to heart. There is also a chance that they will misinterpret what is being said.

Ultimately, both parents have to work together to make sure that their children are thriving despite the divorce. This can be a challenge, but putting forth the effort will be worth it when you realize that your child is handling everything as well as possible. Just make sure that your child is actually doing well and not just putting on a brave face for you.

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