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Divorce isn’t going to be an immediate solution for anyone

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2017 | Uncategorized

The length of time that it takes a divorce to be finalized depends on a host of factors. Understanding these points can help you gauge how long your divorce will take to work through. Here are some of the things that might affect this time frame.

First, no divorce in Texas can be finalized within the first 60 days following the filing. This is because the state does have a mandatory waiting period of 60 days. There isn’t a way to get around this, so you should be prepared to wait at least this long to get the matter resolved.

Second, the open court docket dates can impact when your divorce is finalized. This is the case if you and your ex will need to have the court make determinations about how different aspects of the divorce will be settled.

Third, you and your ex working together could shorten the divorce some. Mediation and coming to agreements about property division and child custody can help you avoid having to wait on a court docket to open. This is one instance in which it is very helpful if you and your ex can work together for one last time.

You should remember that just because the divorce is over legally, you might take longer to heal. The time after the divorce, especially the first year, can be difficult. You should plan to have your support system help you during this time. As the days, weeks, months and years march on, the divorce should be easier to handle because you will find ways to move along with your life.

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