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Minimize the risk of custody snafus for summer vacations

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2017 | Uncategorized

With the summer months coming up fast, making vacation plans is a priority for many people. People who have child custody agreements should jump on the early planning bandwagon this year so that they can avoid the potential last minute custody snafus that can ruin the vacation.

As you make plans for vacation travel this summer, think about how your itinerary works with the child custody order. There might be some issues that you have to address if you are going to make everything work. One possible issue that you have to consider is your travel time schedule and the custody exchange schedule.

You don’t want to cut these times too close. For example, if you are flying to your destination, you don’t want your airport check in time too close to the time when you pick your child up from your ex’s house. Instead, you would either have to reevaluate the travel arrangements or see if your ex will work with you to make a temporary change in the custody schedule.

In some cases, you have to let your ex know what your plans are. Some custody orders have restrictions about where you can go with your child unless you let your ex know or get permission from the court. Be sure you understand these points and follow them as you work out the summer plans.

You also need to work on finding ways to ensure that your child can communicate with your ex while you are on vacation. This will likely help your child to feel happier since he or she can let the other parent know what is going on. It can also help your ex to feel better since the lines of communication are open.

If there are any points that aren’t covered in the child custody order that need to be addressed, work with your attorney and your ex. If anything can’t be resolved, you may need to turn to the court for assistance.

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