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How the guardianship of a minor works

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2016 | Uncategorized

Protecting and nurturing a child is a great responsibility. Parents are responsible for looking after the welfare of their child and for making legal decisions on their behalf. However, under certain circumstances, guardians may have to make legal decisions for the children. The need for this may arise if parents are no longer present to perform their legal duties.

A guardian is a person who is entrusted to make legal decisions for an individual called a ward. Wards can be minors who are not capable of making these decisions on their own. Guardians can be close blood-relatives, such as grandparents or a court appointed representative. These individuals are chosen in the best interests of the minor. In most cases, the person may be selected by the ward. The person selected is usually a person the ward trusts, such as a relative or a state worker.

Guardianship is considered when the minor is no longer under the direct care of his or her parents. It may also be considered when adoption is not a viable option. In order to establish guardianship of a minor , you may have to file papers in court. Moreover, you may need to address your interest in gaining custody of the child by formally filing a petition.

If you are interested in gaining guardianship of a minor, then you may benefit from contacting a family law attorney . Each case is unique. Some family law cases may turn out to be more complicated than others. An attorney will help you review all your options before moving forward.

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