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Don’t get rid of property during the divorce process

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2016 | Uncategorized

Not many who have been divorced can say that the process was easy and quick. All couples are different, but it is very common for people to experience issues when they are divorcing because of the many topics that have to be discussed. Although disputes are going to happen, there are some areas that are particularly rough for couples, one of them is property division.

When it comes to property division, there is sometimes a lot of confusion as to what property is marital and what property is separate. Because of this confusion, people are afraid of what can happen to their property and may try to avoid having it taken from them and given to their spouse once the divorce is final. In fact, some people have given their property away to friends or family members and made future plans to have it returned to them.

At the time this arrangement is made, it may seem like a good idea to many people, but it is not wise to attempt this. Should it be uncovered that someone has given their property away in an effort to hide it, and keep their spouse from getting his or her hands on it, they could be taken back to court by their spouse to have these hidden property and assets divided. As a result, both parties will be spending more time, energy and money that could have been saved.

People are often emotional when their marriage comes to an end and they can sometimes behave in an irrational manner and do things that don’t benefit them. Ideally, you will want your divorce to go smoothly and avoid any problems, so certain things just shouldn’t be done. If you have any questions about what you can and cannot do during the divorce process, an attorney at Regan Armstrong & Associates, PLLC may be able to assist you.

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